Continuing with the process of improvement and the acquisition of knowledge, this section lists some of the training courses in place which address different areas of sustainability.

 Further details about each course are given below.


Bilbao Convention Bureau has promoted a training course in which the main subject is Sustainable Food.

The course is directed at different stakeholders from the events sector: hotels, restaurants and catering businesses.

The course will be held at the Bilbao School of Hotel and Catering Managementand will address a number of subjects including sustainable food, accessibility to food, reuse of food and sustainable food certification.

Escuela de hostelería de Bilbao


The Ministry for Tourism has brought out the 20th edition of its Programa Anfitriones 2022, aimed at the ongoing training of all the links of the value chain in the sector, from destinations and Convention Bureaus to private companies which work in the tourist sector such as restaurants, hotels, catering businesses, travel agencies, whether they are the owners, middle management or employees.

Consult the full programme here:

As you will know, these courses are of varying lengths, ranging from one or two hours to 32 hours. All the courses are online and in some cases form extremely interesting training itineraries.

Given Bilbao Convention Bureau’s commitment to sustainability, we have focussed on sustainable tourism. The subjects addressed range from the circular economy or sustainable food to waste and material management. In particular, we find the programmes for the following courses which address the different aspects of sustainability of special interest:


Continuing with the objective of continuous improvement in terms of sustainability, Bilbao Convention Bureau presents a course organised by BasqueTour, the public company of the Basque Government’s Department for Tourism, Commerce and Consumer Affairs: “MANAGEMENT OF SUSTAINABLE RESTAURANTS IN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY”.

BasqueTour organises this training particularly directed at members of Euskadi Gastronomika, a network formed of restaurants, bars, shops and other culinary establishments which comply with a series of demanding criteria and commitment in search of excellence in the products and cuisine which are the identity of Euskadi.

As well as the training, we urge you to join the culinary network if interested.

Taking sustainability and the circular economy as the main line, it addresses areas from the catering point of view. We consider it will therefore be most beneficial for all the different stakeholders from the sector.

Directed at establishment managers, chefs, head waiting staff or professionals interested in the sustainable management of an establishment. Information about the course:

– Online

– 20 hours

– Free enrolment

– Limited number of places

– Videos and interactive exercises

– Master-classes with experts

– Tutor for queries

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