People helped


Bilbao Convention Bureau works in collaboration with Bilbao Formarte for the elaboration of merchandising for some events.

In this way, merchandising made with recycled and environmentally friendly materials is promoted.

Large cloth bags, small cloth bags and aprons have been ordered. All of them personalised and handmade by the staff of Bilbao Formarte.

This has helped 60 people who work daily in the workshops of Bilbao Formarte.


CO2 emissions avoided


Bilbao Convention Bureau was visited by German representatives of the MICE sector. For a few days the attendees visited the city and its surroundings and were able to visit and learn about the wide variety of options that Bilbao offers to host any type of event.

At the end of the visit, the emissions created by the group during the days of the visit were calculated and subsequently, together with the company Lurgaia, the necessary trees were planted to offset the CO2 emissions.

In this way, with this action, a total of 2.45 [teCO2] were offset.


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