The MICE activity in Bilbao is at the service of a wide network of professionals from the research, medicine and technology sectors and a variety of areas of knowledge or commercial activity that promote our city as a meeting point or place to exchange knowledge in many different areas. Since the 19th century, and hand in hand with frenzied social and industrial development, the city has always been known for bringing together inquiring people who have led their fields of activity through research, innovation and dissemination.

This is why Bilbao Convention Bureau works with ambassadors from the city in the area of health, universities, research centres or businesses on a programme to support the different needs. This is to ensure that each specialist has the necessary tools to attract different meetings in their professional area and, as a result, the city becomes established as a space of knowledge and exchange. We make the most of the magnificent sense of belonging of our ambassadors and their endeavours to make Bilbao continue to be a non-conformist and dynamic city in the broadest areas of knowledge and business.

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