Thanks to the strategic partnership between the Iruña Group and Bilbao Exhibition Centre, the World Bank’s Innovate4Climate international conference held at the Basque venue last May became a pioneering event by donating its surplus food through the Oreka Circular Economy platform. This work demonstrates the commitment of both entities in the adoption of responsible practices for waste management and support for the neediest communities, and is aligned with the objectives of the SDG 2030 agenda.

A total of 220kg of food was donated to the Conde de Aresti Residence in Bilbao.  To this end, an efficient logistics system was set up to collect, quantify, deliver and donate the food left over from the event, which brought together more than 1,500 attendees from 69 countries, on a daily basis. The environmental impact of the action translates into more than 6,900kg of CO2 emissions avoided; more than 1 million litres of water saved; and nearly 4,000m2 of forest cover saved, according to the final report.  The traceability and measurement of the economic, social and environmental impact has been carried out through Oreka Circular Economy technology.

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