The programme “Ópera y+” from ABAO Bilbao Opera accompanies patients from Cruces University Hospital

The programme “Ópera y +”, an activity aimed at the humanisation of hospital care developed by our partner ABAO Bilbao Opera in collaboration with the EDP Foundation, “la Caixa” Foundation and Zabalgarbi at Cruces University Hospital, is in its ninth edition, establishing the project as an inclusive social activity.

This season the programme covers the demands of the Hospital Services and Units that have requested to join the social programme: Nephrology, the Day Hospital, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit, Internal Medicine, Pulmonology, Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pediatrics and the Neonatal Unit.

In parallel with the performances of the opera Rigoletto, a volunteer scheme has been set up, directed at employees of the collaborating bodies to allow them to learn about the social work carried out by their organisation, and about the positive connection between health and music and the benefits for the individuals who take part in the activities of the programme.

With more than 40 cultural and artistic activities, inside and outside the Hospital, the programme is expected to reach 400 people. To date, it has already reached 70% of its target.

“Ópera y +” started in 2015 as a social, educational and cultural programme focussing on opera as a tool for inclusion and personal development. Its main goal is to contribute to the emotional welfare of patients, families and healthcare personnel through music in general and opera in particular.

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