Bilbao to host the second international IWA Digital Water Summit from 14 to 16 November

From 14 to 16 November, the second edition of the international IWA Digital Water Summit will be held in Bilbao. It is organised by the International Water Association (IWA) with the collaboration of the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Board and the Spanish Association for Water Supply and Treatment (AEAS), as the representatives of the IWA in Spain.

For the second year running, the IWA Digital Water Summit returns to Bilbao, where last year it was attended by almost 400  individuals. The summit is designed to be the reference in digitalisation for the water sector.

The congress, which will offer simultaneous translation, will be attended by some of the leading world experts on the digitalisation of the water sector. It is directed at all interested parties involved in the water industry, with particular focus on business and industry, in order to enhance communication and networking.

Digital water is a concept which is starting to be integrated into businesses and the global water sector. The goal of the IWA Digital Water Summit is to respond to some of the questions currently posed by companies, such as:

  • What is digital water?
  • What is the difference between digital water and digitalisation?
  • How can we make our industry more digitally aware?

For more information about the full programme for the congress, see the following link:

Find out what to expect at the congress in the video below:

Further information about the international IWA Digital Water Summit on the Web page

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