82% of Basque Parliament supports Energy Transition and Climate Change Law

The Energy Transition and Climate Change Law will facilitate the alignment of Euskadi with all the regulations, policies and plans to which they have pledged their commitment and support, with the aim of achieving climate neutrality, resilience and a fair transition for 2050.

It sets out a stable legal framework for achieving climate neutrality in Euskadi by 2050 and increasing the region’s resilience to climate change. However, it is an ambitious law that also considers the commitment to make every possible effort to bring the climate neutrality goal forward to 2045.

Other more specific goals?

  • To achieve a 45% reduction in emissions by 2030 with respect to 2005
  • Savings in the final energy consumption should be at least 12% for 2030 and 37% for 2050, based on 2021 figures
  • The proportion of renewable energies in the final energy consumption should be at least 32% by 2030.

Reality is challenging us and we have defined a framework of action

The context of this law concludes that climate change is challenging us and more ambitious measures are urgently needed in all sectors and on all scales to guarantee a sustainable and habitable future.

We place special emphasis on the mitigation of climate change. This means: a reduction in emissions, the generation and consumption of renewable energies and progress in support for energy efficiency.

We need to adapt to climate change and establish measures to increase the region’s resilience

The law is committed to fair and sustainable development because this transformation will not be possible without social justice and equity

This law is ground-breaking in the adaptation to climate change to the point of being one of the few laws that currently places adaptation on the same level as mitigation, and that incorporates specific measures for making Euskadi a resilient region.

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