WindEurope closed the 2024 edition, held between 20 and 22 March at Bilbao Exhibition Centre, exceeding the expected participation and generating an economic impact of 30.1 million Euros in terms of Gross Domestic Product. This is the third time that an Annual WindEurope Event has been held at the exhibition centre, following the editions in 2019 and 2022. The impact on GDP represents a significant growth with respect to that generated in 2022. At a time of increasing optimism for the European wind energy industry, more than 12,000 professionals from over 80 countries visited the event over the three days.

WindEurope offered a programme of conferences with more than 400 speakers, in addition to 14 European ministers, and a wide range of 520 exhibitors, who form part of the wind energy value chain. With the latest technology presented at WindEurope2024, the event celebrated a decisive moment for enabling compliance with the energy and climate goals set in Europe: the expansion of the wind sector until it represents 35% of all the electricity consumed in Europe in 2030. At present it represents 19%, which would mean almost doubling wind energy capacity in the next 7 years.

Wind power is set to become the main form of energy generation in Europe, and the Basque industrial network is called upon to play a dominant role. In fact, over 50 Basque companies took part in the WindEurope Annual Event Bilbao 2024, the most important event for the wind energy sector in Europe.

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