For four days, from 30 June to 3 July, French representatives from the MICE sector visited Bilbao and the surrounding areas with the aim of getting to know different parts of the city, the cuisine and the services available for the organisation of meetings, incentive trips, congresses and events. The group was made up of agents who promote or direct corporate events such as meetings of different types of companies, and representatives from science and technology societies who hold congresses.

The importance of this visit stems from the fact that the French market is one of the markets with the greatest impact on Bilbao due to its proximity and a shared liking of haute cuisine, landscapes, culture and quality services.

During their stay they were able to visit the Hotel Radisson, which hosted a meeting between the French agents and local incoming agencies including Romotur, GoBasquing, Paso a Paso, STI, W2M and Basque Experiences. This meeting was followed by an activity to discover the main landmarks of the city, including social sustainability initiatives.

They also visited Azkuna Zentroa-Alhóndiga Bilbao, Euskalduna Palace, San Mamés and several hotels and resources for holding meetings. On a more leisurely note, they took a short boat ship along the estuary, enjoyed the activities of Kalealdia and an informal supper of pintxos in the Casco Viejo. Outside the city, they took part in activities such as the Basoa experience, linked to environmental sustainability, and visits to the Berroja Winery, Abra Sailing Club and the Suspension Bridge. On the last day of their stay, they visited the unmissable Guggenheim Bilbao Museum.

The agents’ feedback was extremely positive and they showed great interest in the proposals of the local agencies, both regarding the venues such as Euskalduna Palace, BEC, San Mamés, or Bizkaia Aretoa and the restaurants, services and recommendations for incentive activities in our city.

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