When holding a business event in a city, in this case Bilbao, it would be a mistake to only consider the economic aspect that this event will have for the destination city. There is no question that the economic aspect is of huge significance, but the social aspect is becoming more and more important.

Bilbao Convention Bureau works to promote social measures and the positive impact on the destination with the aim of ensuring that a conference does not only make an impact while it takes place, but that thanks to different initiatives and collaborations with associations, it leaves a legacy for the local society of Bilbao.

There are different ways to generate a positive social impact at the destination via different associations.

In Bilbao, the most important of these are:


Company which organises sustainable environmental activities. In particular, initiatives include cleaning and the adaptation of walking trails such as the trail along the coast of Bizkaia from Sopelana to Plentzia.


Foundation whose objective is to provide the necessary tools so that any company of any size and from any sector in the Basque Country has the opportunity to take an active role in the conservation and restoration of our natural environment.


Bilbao Balioen Hiria aims to create a space for analysis, dialogue, reflection and collaboration among institutions, social, cultural and sports entities, business, the media, schools and colleges and the general public for the promotion of a framework of shared values in Bilbao.


Social company that works in the environmental field whose goal is to create a permanent native forest in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. This serves to offset the carbon footprint of any event, leaving a positive legacy at the destination while also contributing to improving the biodiversity of this natural setting.

Native species are planted to create a forest, typical of the Cantabrian coast.


Social initiative cooperative at the service of the people and their creative capacity. Specifically works with people with mental or physical disabilities. Combines personal and professional training. Offers the opportunity to create designs alongside the artists using sustainable materials while also supporting the European programme for the recognition of disabled artists via the association’s shop.


Association internationally recognised for its social work and formed of volunteers. It works to collaborate in solving problems including climate change, violence against women, the loneliness of people, care of migrants, working with vulnerable groups or providing an immediate response in emergencies.


Association aimed at generating social cohesion in a responsible and inclusive business environment. Through the centres and services present in all the districts, it generates opportunities for work for disabled people in Bizkaia, achieving inclusion, maximum development and a quality of life.




During the celebration of the WindEurope 2022 congress in the city, students from the Engineering course were invited to attend the event and participate in the different presentations and activities that took place.
On the Arena beach, Offshore Wind 4Kids organised a family activity to showcase wind as a resource, where both children and adults learned how to build a wind turbine to scale.

Taking advantage of the theme of the congress, the catering company in charge of this event, Grupo Iruña catering, launched an initiative together with Oreka, to develop a circular treatment of the food surplus from a large event.
At the same time, the Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Bilbao presented to the public some of the projects of its Food Lab with the greatest repercussions for the future.


After the celebration of the 5th Positive Psychology Congress from 12 to 14 May and with the clear objective of reaching ordinary citizens, Psikologia Kalean arrives in Bilbao. This activity will disseminate the meaning of positive psychology and its value in current times.
To this end, different talks and participatory workshops will be held on topics as important today as anxiety, addiction prevention, suicide or neuropsychological sequelae post-coital, among others.


During the Food4Future congress, a prize was awarded to the best footech startup within the “Foodtech Startup Forum 2022”. The winner was the Navarre-based startup MOA Foodtech, a company dedicated to converting by-products from the agri-food industry into new sources of protein.
In this way, the work and effort made by small companies to investigate and gain a foothold in the international market is promoted and rewarded.

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